International Conference Mindfulness 2020

August 29-30, 2020

Olimia Spa, Podčetrtek

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Target public

  • University and higher education professors, assistants, researchers, young researchers and students,
  • Principals, teachers, educators and other education experts, aiming at introducing modern approches to teaching and education of future generations,
  • Experts from various fields who integrate mindfulness into educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation programs
  • Neuroscience and neuroeducation experts and researchers studying brain, developmental cognitive abilities, educational processes etc.
  • Psychologists and advisors, who are responsible for the proper development of pupils / students and their personal integrity
  • Employees in research institutions, institutes, adult education centers, etc.
  • Educators in boarding schools and kindergartens
  • Pediatrician, speech therapists, special educators
  • Coaches and NLP coaches
  • Social workers
  • All those, who are interested in mindfulness approaches and other modern approaches to help students discover their talents and cope with their life challenges